Sunday, October 9, 2016

Trump's Not A Rapist - He's Just an Oaf

     Suddenly Republicans everywhere are up in arms about a leaked 2005 video that has Trump talking demeaningly about his failed attempt to seduce a minor soap starlet. (By "minor" I mean "not major." I don't mean "under aged.") Lots of big named politicians are now denouncing him and distancing themselves, in attempts to salvage as many Republican votes as they can in the upcoming elections that are less than a month away.
     His running mate Mike Pence is using the opportunity to pander to the religious right by suggesting we should pray for Trump's family. I'm not saying that's a bad idea but they seem to be doing pretty well, despite the boorishness of their father.  They have grown up knowing about his affairs and moral code, which seems to be "above all else, make money." 
     Let's face it. In the leaked video, Donald Trump was doing what a lot of American males do when women aren't listening, and that's bragging about real or imagined sexual exploits.  He just didn't expect the rest of America to be listening.  Donald Trump was a pretty-boy rich kid who undoubtedly had access to beautiful women his whole life. He doesn't see anything wrong with taking advantage of it.  It's doubtful that his rock solid supporters, white non-college educated men, see anything wrong with it either.
     When he said he could do anything he wants to women, he is probably stating the truth about some opportunistic females.   There is a certain segment of women out there who would willingly subject themselves to this treatment by someone with his money and influence, in order to gain whatever benefits they could gain. Not to say that all women would do this, but someone like him knows the chance when he sees it.  "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. Use and be used."  That's the name of the game. He apparently did not have success with this particular starlet though, even though he tried. Maybe he knows enough not to push it when a woman says no. There is no evidence that he actually assaulted or raped anyone. He just talks big.
    Where have the suddenly outraged Republicans been for the last 25 years? Trump has been in the public eye for most of his adult life, and not for doing good works or making civic improvements. He was apparently a regular guest on the Howard Stern Show. Just that alone should tell you something.
     I don't believe Donald Trump ever raped anyone, just like I don't believe Bill Clinton ever did. I do believe they both were boorish toward women and took advantage of their celebrity and status to use certain weak members of the opposite sex.   Bill Clinton's mistake was thinking all women would welcome his advances. They didn't. Trump's mistake is thinking that money, celebrity, and a few key buzz phrases (like " build a wall" and "make America great again") are enough to cover up a lifetime of self aggrandizement and bad behavior, and that one's personal character does not count when running for president.  Trump is not a rapist. He's just an oaf who is better off sticking to the entertainment business, where good morals and honest behavior are sometimes a liability, and where being a boorish oaf can be an asset.

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