Saturday, January 23, 2016

91.3 The Summit

I just added a link to this blog to one of the best radio stations in Northeast Ohio - 91.3 The Summit  - Akron Canton.  I accidently stumbled upon The Summit a few years ago while tooling around on my radio dial looking for something worthwhile to listen to. The Summit is proudly "listener supported and commercial free."  They play a refreshing brand of inde and alternative rock/folk music, much of it created right here in Northeast Ohio.

A visit to the website will give you a feel for what The Summit is all about.  It's more than a radio station - it's the one stop shopping place for music and events in the Akron Canton area.  There is a link to community events of all kinds (including art, humanitarian, historical, and social), listings of concerts in the area, live streaming music, and lists of local live  music performances (including a local high school battle of the bands!) 

It's educational too, and not only regarding music - the Go Green section of the website features suggestions on how to conserve, recycle, and "go green" in your own life, including suggestions from listeners and a place to submit your own ideas.    The "Book Show" radio program has discussions with local authors.   On "Life & Lyrics," local leaders are invited onto the show to discuss the music that has influenced their lives the most, and we listen to those tunes.

Since The Summit is commercial free and listener supported, they are not bound to playing only the most commercially successful music.  For that reason they do an especially good job of promoting new artists and local bands trying to break into the music scene. I don't always recognize who I'm listening to on The Summit but I usually like it.   It has broadened my music exposure to things I would never have heard otherwise.  The website has a link where anyone can submit music for possible air time.

The links to "Local Musicians" include some well know names like The Black Keys, Joseph Arthur, and Michael Stanley, and other not so well known names such as Hey Mavis, Shivering Timbers, and Hey Monea.

So check it out!  The Summit is a radio station like no other.  If you're tired of the same old same old and looking for something different, you won't be disappointed.  The Summit, aptly named, is the peak of what a radio station should be.   

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