Friday, July 22, 2016

The Cowardliness of Terrorism

     Terrorists like to think of themselves as soldiers but they are not soldiers.  If they were soldiers they would fight a worthy opponent on a field of battle. It takes courage to go up against someone who is armed and trained for combat and ready for a fight.  It takes courage, no matter what cause you may be fighting for, to go into battle knowing that you may be the one who is wounded or killed, to know that your opponent has deadly weapons and knows how to use them.  It takes courage to put your life on the line and risk danger and even death to defend  your country, your people, your cause.  That's why we call our soldiers "heroes." 
     But terrorism does not require courage.  Terrorists don't fight against a worthy opponent. The terrorist takes advantage of the element of surprise on the most defenseless and unsuspecting among us.  The terrorist only fights when his "opponent" is unarmed and totally at their mercy.  It doesn't take courage to kill teenagers hanging out at McDonald's, who can't even run away, as they did today in Munich. It doesn't take courage to walk into an airport and gun down a bunch of travelers who are innocently waiting to board a plane, as they did in Istanbul and Brussels.  It doesn't take courage to murder revelers in a gay bar enjoying a few drinks on the weekend as in Orlando, or to storm into a concert halls, restaurants, and bars and gun down 130 unsuspecting people as was recently done in Paris.  And it doesn't take courage to get into the cab of a truck and drive through a crowd, killing 84 people who were out enjoying a night of fireworks, many with families and small children, as happened in Nice.
     Even suicide bombers are not courageous. They do not sacrifice their life for a cause or the greater good of others. They sacrifice their life for the promise of some great heavenly reward that awaits them in the hereafter.  They hide their selfishness behind black masks and disguises, afraid to show their faces to the world.
   Terrorist are not heroes.  Terrorists are washed up fanatics of a lost cause who's only aim is to hurt the innocent and most defenseless among us and wreak havoc before they die.  They do not fight their
opponent on the field of battle because they know they cannot win.   They are cowardly misfits whose lives are wasted and who are going straight to hell when their wretched life is over.  May God have mercy on the souls of their many innocent victims.       

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