Friday, March 4, 2016

GOP Sounds Trump Alarm.....Finally

     The Republicans are finally becoming alarmed about Donald Trump this week  Mainline Republican leaders including Mitt Romney and John McCain have spent the last few days telling the rest of us what a mess the country will be in if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination for president in 2016. Up until now they must have thought if they just ignored him he'd go away but that has not happened. It is becoming a real possibility that he may win enough electoral votes to be eligible for the nomination. Whether or not he actually gets it is up for debate. Party bosses are trying to come up with any way possible to prevent it. Although he is "yugely" popular with a certain segment of the American people, he does not really represent the conservative values the Republicans are known for.

     "The Donald", as his first wife Ivana affectionately called him, has an ego the size of California and has brought the political discourse in America to a new low. His language has been coarse and vulgar, he has denigrated many groups of people including Muslims, Mexicans, and women. He has openly mocked the handicapped. He speaks in generalities, making statements like "build a wall between U.S. and Mexico", "don't let in any more Muslims", and "Mexicans are criminals and rapists" but offers very little specifics about what he would actually do or how he would do it if elected. He insults his rivals and calls them names.  The topics in the last debate included the size of his male organ, which he assured us was quite adequate.  This is something which has never been a consideration for any other candidate for public  office.

     Why, then, is he so popular?  He voices many of the politically incorrect feelings and frustrations that some Americans are thinking but cannot express openly. Parallels have been drawn between  Trump ' s popularity and the rise to power of Adolf Hitler in post W.W.I. Germany.  Both came to prominence at a time of financial difficulty when the masses were dissatisfied with the state of their countries. Both harnessed these frustrations and played on people's anger and insecurity. Both promised to make their country great again, by demonizing and  eliminating certain undesirable portions of the population.  The reason Hitler was not stopped is because he already had his thugs the S.S. in place and they systematically silenced his opposition. So far Trump does not have any thugs in place, although he recently said that he would have no problem  ordering the military to torture people, kill terrorists' families, and break the law, and they would do it. (He later retracted that statement.)

     So it's about time someone  starts taking his candidacy seriously and coming up with a plan to stop him. Hopefully if he does end up running for president, he will be beaten soundly by whatever Democrat is nominated but even that cannot be guaranteed. After all, nobody thought he would make it this far .  He has done better than anybody could ever predicted, and the more outrageous his statements become the more solid is his backing.  The Ku Klux Klan has endorsed  him.

     If the Republicans care at all about the future of this country, they'd better keep ringing alarms and ringing them loudly. It would be better for them to forfeit this election than to allow Donald Trump to become President of the United States of America.

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